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are in general under the personal responsibility of

Dipl.-Ing. Christoph VALENTIN
Hengsttalweg 14
2734 Puchberg/Schneeberg
Austria (Europe)



of the association

Gesellschaft f├╝r rechnergest├╝tzte Zusammenarbeit
Hengsttalweg 14
2734 Puchberg/Schneeberg
Austria (Europe)

ZVR-Zahl: 1519918045 *)

*) The central registry of associations in Austria (ZVR) can be queried at the address For this purpose, you need the "ZVR-Zahl"

Purpose of the Domain

This domain manages common resources for the domains

Vision of "The Society"

Note: this "Vision of the Society" is historic now, because "The Society" has become reality.

The basic setup of "The Society" COULD BE as follows:

  1. no f2f meetings,
  2. dedicated to asynchronous communication (mail, mail like, file sharing, ...),
  3. the communication of the society itself can be a comprehensive test case for various collaboration tools and
  4. creating a wiki about collaboration tools.

  5. if we find movie enthusiasts:
    discussing the second part of
    the narrative "The Third Child"
  6. if we find railway enthusiasts:
    developing/using SrrTrains v0.01
    as a test case for collaboration tools