A Few Experiments

DIS Experiments

Go to A Few Experiments Main Page: http://lc-soc-lc.at/experimental

Go to VPN Page: http://lc-soc-lc.at/experimental/tiny-vpn

First Example from Web3D Homepage (Slightly modified)

Download .tar.gz: http://lc-soc-lc.at/experimental/DIS/DIS.tar.gz

Archive extracted (does not work from Web): ./DIS/

Archive extracted and modified (does not yet work from the Web): ./DIS-modified-dec2023/

One Hint about FreeWRL

Once freewrl is running, there's a button on the menubar [v/] that has a list of parameters and one is [ ] allow DIS so you can turn DIS on once loaded.

If rebuilding freewrl to have DIS on by default:
FreeWRL VRML/X3D browser / Git / [61235b] /freex3d/src/lib/scenegraph/Component_DIS.c (sourceforge.net)
static int allow_DIS = 0;
- change to = 1;