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Tiny Experimental VPN (for Web3D Usage)

The Tiny Experimental VPN (for Web3D Usage) is intended to connect up to 10 computers worldwide (concurrently) with a private LAN segment.

It is intended for use with multicast addresses from the local scope range / 16 (a route is preconfigured for these)

If you want to use the VPN - please check the VPN Calendar (see below) to avoid side effects with other people

The VPN Calendar is stored as calendar of following user:

It can be accessed by the Web Interface at http://lc-soc-lc.at/owncloud/index.php/apps/calendar.

It can be installed at your Smartphone:

examplified for Android:

  1. Install DAVx5 (available at F-Droid)
  2. Create DAVx5 Account:
    • Account Name: vpncal@lc-soc-lc.at
    • URL = https://lc-soc-lc.at/owncloud/remote.php/dav/calendars/vpncal/personal/
    • user = vpncal
    • pw = X3D4
  3. Trigger Synchronization of vpncal@lc-soc-lc.at at DAVx5
  4. at calendar application: activate "Personal" calendar vpncal@lc-soc-lc.at

How to Connect to the Tiny

Experimental VPN (for Web3D usage)

Examplified for Windows 10!

  1. Install OpenVPN Connect software (community edition)
  2. Download and unzip this openvpn-config.zip into C:\Program Files\OpenVPN\config
  3. Start OpenVPN Client
  4. Connect
  5. Now your client is a multihomed host with an additional network interface at
  6. The network is an island. Only people, who have above .zip file, can connect.
  7. max connections = 10


ben-yeti (latest change 2022-03-13)

In case of troubles with the VPN, please contact christoph[dot]valentin[at]gmx[dot]at.